The evolution of packaging and its impact on trends in cosmetics industry

         The tube is one of the most efficient, user-friendly and popular types of packaging, without which it is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person. Toothpaste, cosmetics, food - it stores things, that we use every day. Why it’s an ideal option for any product and how long ago have tubes appeared in Belarus? Elena Ivashchuk Marketing&Development Director of LeanGroup company, and Ema Padkovich, Marketing Director of “SIVISGROUP” (BioWorld brand), tell us.

         The tube is one of the few packaging types in which the product can be used to the every last drop, not only at home, but also on the road. Since its creation, according to some sources, in 1892, the design of the tube itself has changed little, but the designs, materials and production technology have evolved. In Belarus such packaging became widespread only in the 1990s.

         First of all, Belarusian tubes were made for cosmetics, because there were many local enterprises that produced it, and the tubes were in great demand. A new for the local market type of packaging quickly became popular, then people began to order it from us from abroad, so competition arose, and with it the growth of technologies for production. All this things made it possible to use tubes not only for cosmetics and toothpaste, but also for the food industry, pharmaceuticals and household chemicals.

         Those products, that are demanded by buyers, for their own convenience, can be adapted and packaged in tubes. Now the tube is a self-contained and multifunctional package: it protects the product, makes its usage easier and “sells” it. Therefore, design moves up to first place. It’s possible to find an incredible diversity of products on the shelves of any store. The first impression of it is based on our visual perception. Producers are trying to attract the buyer’s attention with impressive design, which style changes from year to year. Before one could see any graphic elements on tubes more often - pictures, faces and so on, but now its designs are becoming more restrained, laconic and effective. But what looks simple often complicates the packaging production process, so only companies with the latest equipment can afford themselves tubes that are memorable and have a minimalist design.

         The diversity of products and the ability to choose have influenced the fact that the consumer has become more selective. He learned to understand products, not only compare it with each other externally, but also distinguish by content and various characteristics. Therefore, if earlier the protection of the product and the convenience of its transportation were in pripority, today it becomes important not only the easy usability for the consumer, but also environmental friendliness and the possibility of following recycling of used packaging. The ecotrend applies not only to materials, but also to the packaging color scale - modern buyers prefer natural and discreet colors and its shades.

         As time has shown, almost any product today can already be packaged in tubes. The only question is how to attract the buyer’s attention and gain his trust. It is already now obvious that in the coming years eco-friendly packaging will become the number one commodity, no matter what product it is catered for.