HP Indigo WS6900

We are pleased to inform you that we have acquired the modern digital printing machine HP Indigo WS6900 for printing on the tube laminate, for production of roll self- adhesive labels, shrink-sleeves and flexible packaging.

On the new machine tube laminate, self-adhesive web labels are manufactured on any materials with the depth from 12 to 450 micrometers with permanent high printing quality.


HP Indigo WS6900 Digital Press specifications:

  • Images color intensity;
  • Reproduction of all halftones and tints;
  • Smooth gradient when dot pattern close to nought;
  • 7 color printing (CMYK+OGV);
  • An infinite number of variations;
  • Any changing information – code words, digital and QR-codes – can be printed on packages or labels;
  • Image intensity and sharpness;
  • Sharpness of small details reproduction;
  • Color stability on each section of a roll;
  • Perfect color imposition;
  • 100% color reproduction in each run.

HP SmartStream Mosaic technology allows to create unique and memorable packing for every customer!